Personal Training

As medical professionals, we understand the importance of achieving physical excellence. Ordinary results can be accomplished with commitment, diligence, and focus. Extraordinary results require more.

Whether you are seeking to obtain peak performance in sport, beautify your form, or simply transition out of rehabilitation and into a more sound body, our licensed physical therapists, athletic trainers, and strength and conditioning specialists will guide you as you embark on your quest to enhance your physique.

To begin the quest, you will meet with your personal trainer to discuss your specific fitness goals. In addition to receiving an assessment of your strength, flexibility, cardiovascular performance and balance by your trainer, you will also receive a Functional Movement Screen performed by one of our Licensed Physical Therapists. We will then work with you to create a regimen that fits your lifestyle.


With our multi-dimensional approach

you will have the ability to incorporate expertise from all of our professional staff, including certified nutritionists, licensed Physical Therapists, yoga and Pilates instructors.

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