Youth Program

What is it that young athletes need to perform better?

A sense of confidence, motivation, but above all, a venue to develop their athletic talents into optimal performance condition in and off season.

The Youth Sports Readiness Program (YSRP) is designed to keep youth, ages 12-20, in sport condition through aggressive, cutting edge training under the direct supervision of strength and conditioning coaches and licensed physical therapists. This intensified training can help prevent the risk of injury, while encouraging the importance of exercise, proper diet, and nutrition.

YSRP is a semi-private program and each participant will work together with one to three other area athletes under the guidance of our head Strength and Conditioning Coach and Physical Therapist.

There are four programs available through the Youth Sports Readiness Program:

  1. The first is our summer program, which is four days per week, Monday through Thursday, with each session lasting between 90 and 120 minutes. Our cutting-edge program includes basic functional movement, core stabilization, linear and lateral speed development, foot speed and agility training, explosive power development, proper weight lifting techniques and functional strength training and finishing with stretching. Athletes are closely supervised to ensure that proper attention is always paid to proper technique and safety.During the school year, our programs correspond to the athletic seasons, and athletes can choose either an in-season or off-season program or both.

  3. Our in-season program is designed for athletes who are currently in-season, but know that it is important to maintain strength, improve speed and quickness, and reduce the occurrence of injury. It is two times per week for about one hour each and focuses on core stabilization, speed and agility work, light weight training, and recovery work.

  5. Our off-season program is more intense, yet shares the goals and methods of our summer program. This program is every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with each visit lasting about 90 minutes.

  7. In-season or off, a Team Training program is also available, and will allow athletes to train and condition with their teammates in an environment that encourages bonding while allowing for the maximization of individual abilities. We will work with coaches and athletic departments to develop a specialized training program in a routine that fits the demands of the competition schedule, and can work to find back-to back times or alternating days for larger teams.

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